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Sorbie families and get-togethers


Janice and Mitch Sorbie with Susan Halliday (right), 5th January 2002 - Kissimmee, Florida

Andy Potts and Tom Sorbie, 27th November 2001 - Manchester, England

Tom Sorbie and Tom Sorbie, 22nd September 2001 - Larkhall, Scotland

Cianne Sorbie Jackson and Avril Potts, 26th December 2001 - Dumfries, Scotland

Lorna Laughton, 24th Nov 2001 - Calgary, Canada

Gavin Sorbie, June 2nd 2001 - Stonehouse, Scotland

RIP Gavin 1921 - 2006

L-R: Laura Sargent, Peter Sargent, Tom Langel, Donna Macedo, June 2nd 2001 - Stonehouse, Scotland

Janet Sorbie and Peter Sargent, June 2nd 2001 - Stonehouse, Scotland

Peggy Sorbie Burns, 10th August 2000 - California, U.S.A.

Hilda Sorbie and Tom Sorbie, 28th October 2001 - Stonehouse, Scotland

Rachelle Wemmer, Christmas 2001 - Waikiki, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Matthew Burns, Christmas 2001 - Waikiki, Hawaii, U.S.A.

L-R: Hugh and Philippa Robinson, Vhairi Potts and Ivy Robinson, 23rd December 2001 - Manchester, England

Avril and Vhairi Potts, 28th October 2000 - Sorbie Tower, Scotland

L-R: Susan Halliday, Matthew and Scott Burns, 14th May 2001 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

Kevin and Kyle Wilson,  9th December 2001 - Mebane, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Gavin and Sadie Sorbie and family, 27th May 2001 - Chester, England

Laura Sargent, Christmas 2001 - Chorley, England

Kirsty MacLeod, aged 18 months, 15th January 2002  - Larkhall, Scotland

Gillian Nardone and cousin, Eilidh MacLeod, 25th December 2001 - Larkhall, Scotland

Tom Sorbie - Stonehouse, Scotland - 9th October 2002

RIP Tom 1929 - 2009

Scotty and Kim Auld - Colorado, USA on vacation in the UK - 22nd January 2003

Mhairi Macleod - Aged 6 months, Larkhall, Scotland - May 2003

Janie Scott of Wellington, New Zealand - visiting Dalserf, Lanarkshire - 14th May 2003

L-R Hugh Robinson, Christine Sorbie Law, Tom Sorbie - Sorbie gathering, Stonehouse - 12th July 2003

L-R Mitchell Sorbie, Mary Sorbie, Ian Sorbie - Sorbie gathering, Stonehouse - 12th July 2003

Tom and DeeAnn Langel - Manhattan, Montana, U.S.A. - August 17th 2003

L:R - Donald and Lucille Sorbie,  Carol Connolly, Barbara and Andrew Sorbie - Sorbie gathering, Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - 30th August 2003 

Ron and Yvonne Hopper of Springfield, Illinois - Sorbie gathering, Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - 30th August 2003

3 generations - L-R: Valerie Fugett, Donna Macedo, and Miranda Fugett - Sorbie gathering, Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - 30th August 2003 

'The Girls' - Kylee, Vhairi, Savannah and Madison - Salem, Wisconsin - August 2003

Randy and Peggy Frame of Chester County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (left) visiting Stonehouse, Scotland - 6th March 2004 - with Tom Sorbie (centre) and Nancy and Alec Lamb from Lanark (right)

Bartholomew Barker of Granby, Connecticut, U.S.A. visiting Dumfries, Scotland - April 1999

Jim and Marie Owen - Portland, Victoria, Australia - Christmas 2003

Brother and sister, Scott Sorbie and Jill Sebra - Dryden, Michigan July 2004

Michigan Sorbie/Alexander family re-union - Dryden, Michigan July 2004

L:R Lisa Sorbie, Rosemary Alexander and Janet Schwarb having fun - Dryden, Michigan July 2004

L:R -  Three Macleod sisters: Kirsty 4, Eilidh 5, Mhairi 1y10m, Larkhall, Scotland - October 2004

Sandy Rosengren with son Michael and husband Paul - Lynn Haven, Florida - June 2004

Sandy Rosengren and mom Mary Clark - Missouri, Christmas 2004

Gabi Rosengren - Huntsville, Alabama - Christmas 2004

Ron Sorbie and Jenny Sorbie Francis (cousins) - Old Bar, New South Wales, Australia - January 2005

Art Clark (left) and Tom Stauss - Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada July 2005

Joel Sorbie - Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada July 2005

RIP Joel 1960 - 2006

Jim and Gerrie Sorbie, Empire, Michigan, U.S.A. - August 2005

Cousins - L:R Kylee, Vhairi and Alex - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - August 2005

Mitchell Sorbie of Glasgow with his 1927 Austin Seven Tourer at Sorbie Tower - August 2005

L:R Susan Ramage, Debi Sewell of Maryland USA and Tom Sorbie at Stonehouse, Scotland - October 2005

Wedding of Fiona McGregor (centre) - Town House, Aberdeen - March 2006

5 siblings - Mike, Tom, Donna, Carol and Danny Langel - Bristol, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - April 2006

Get-together of the 'Langholm' branch of the Sorbie family - Newton Stewart, Scotland - May 2006

L:R Paul and Jane Sorbie, Elaine and Doug Holloway, Newton Stewart, Scotland - May 2006

Reannon Sorbie and tennis coach Leo Lennane at Yarrahapinni, New South Wales, Australia - June 2006

Carol Connelly with children and grandchildren - Lake Geneva, Wisconson, December 2006

Dan and Belinda Langel - Salem, Wisconsin, December 2006

Elliott Sorbie, aged 8 - Carrbridge, Invernessshire, Scotland, 2007

Jennifer Nardone aged 9 - Stirling Castle, Scotland 2007

Barbara Jean Schofield - Lincolnshire, England with Pointer Puppy 2007


Ron Sorbie of New South Wales, Australia with two friends in Manchester, England - April 2007

L:R George Baker, Jean Baker nee Sorbie, Tom 'Tamaur' Sorbie - April 2007

Kyle and Kevin Wilson at Kevin's High School graduation. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A. - June 2007

Nine grandchildren of Bill Dougan and the grandchildren of John and Isabella Sorbie - Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England, August 2007

Colin, Pamela and Nicola Brown - Berwick, England October 2007

Tom and Mary Brown on the occasion of Tom's 70th birthday - Musselburgh, Scotland November 2007

Four Dougan Sorbie siblings - Luton, Bedfordshire, England November 2007

Ron Sorbie and Family - Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia December 2007

Sorbie cousins from USA, Canada and UK meet up in Orlando, Florida - 30th December 2007

Wisconsin and UK Sorbies together - Disneyworld, Florida 31st December 2007

L:R Jan Sorbie Schwarb of Michigan USA, Jean Sorbie Baker, Vhairi Potts, Meghan Schwarb, George Baker - Easter Sunday 23rd March 2008 - Stonehouse, Scotland.

Joe and Nancy Thompson with their son Andrew on the occasion of his wedding to Tye Pierce - Coral, Springs, Florida 13th September 2008.

Tim Healey of Ithaca, New York with his cousin Marjorie Sorbie Cook (left) and her daughter Margaret Sorbie Adams - Larkhall, Lanarkshire 10th October 2008.

Tim Healey (centre) with partner Sandra Cuellar and Tom Sorbie of Larkhall - Stonehouse, Lanarkshire 10th October 2008.

L:R Beth, Marjorie and Joy Reinsch with Joy's husband Wes - Leo, Indiana 31st January 2009.

Kirsten (left) and Lottie Sorbie of Kentish Town, London. Pictured after participating in the 'London Mini Marathon' - 26th April 2009.

Wedding of Tim Healey and Sandra Cuellar - Ithaca, New York - June 14th 2009. L:R Ximena Garcia, Sandra, Tim, Megan, Maureen and Elizabeth Healey.

L:R Regan Langel, Avril Potts, Kohlby Langel - Manhattan, Montana 2nd August 2009.

Mike Langel and granddaughter Madison - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 14th August 2009.

The wedding of Catherine Smith and Christopher Afarian. L:R: Mark and Michelle Smith, Lee and Susan England, Marjorie and Tom Reinsch, Wes and Joy Tite and Lisa d Scott Burns - Chaminade Resort, Santa Cruz, California November 1st 2009.

Catherine Smith and Christopher Afarian - Chaminade Resort, Santa Cruz, California November 1st 2009.

2nd cousins - Jim Clark (left) and Tim Healey - Ithaca, New York July 9th 2010.


George Baker (left) and Ron Sorbie - Larkhall, Scotland - July 9th 2016.

Maureen Hart and family - Motherwell, Scotland - 9th June 2017

L-R: Andrew Hart, Daniel Hart, Gary Hart - Motherwell, Scotland - 9th June 2017

Matthew Rutley - VIctorian State Solo C Grade Piping Champion accepts the Clan MacLennan Trophy from Chief Commissioner, Carol Davis - Melbourne, Australia, September 9th 2017.

1st cousins, Jim Clarke and Jean Sorbie Healey at the wedding of Jean's granddaughter, Maureen Healey - Hartford, Connecticut 9th December 2017.

Andy and Avril Potts (rear) meeting cousins Lisa Clark and Brent Bretton visiting from Texas - Chard, Somerset, England 29th July 2018.

L:R Back Darren, Matthew and Andrea Rutley visiting Scotland from Australia. L:R Front Muriel Sorbie and Avril Potts - Edinburgh,13th August 2018.



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