Famous Sorbies


This page is dedicated to Sorbie family members who have distinguished themselves in their chosen career or have received acclaim for acts which have benefited their colleagues and countrymen. 

This page will be added to on an ongoing basis.

James Sorbie mid 1600's

'Burgess of Edinburgh'

John Sorbie 1740-1788

'Ancestor of many thousands of present-day Sorbies'

Joseph Sorbie 1808-1857

'Believed to be the first Sorbie emigrant to the U.S.A.'

Marion Stewart Sorbie 1810-1905

'Subject of famous Lanarkshire photograph'

Mitchell Sorbie 1824-1856

'Footracer' in the 1850's'

"Wee Tam Sorbie" 1849-1909

'Beamer of Wabs'

Robert 1859-1939 and Tom Sorbie 1900-1962

'Their association with the Hamilton Weaving Company 1862-1963'

Tom 1886-1957 and Martha Sorbie 1896-1964

'Their meeting with Helen Keller'

Ann Sorbie 1914 - 2011

Poet and Illustrator

'Family of Alexander Sorbie and the "Australian Connection"

John Sorbie c. 1920-1985

'Steward on board the first ship to be sunk in World War Two'

William Sorbie 1935-1986

'Formed part of the 'Karachi Guard' at the Baghdad Talks of 1957'

Andrew Sorbie 1937-

'U.S. Submariner'

Muriel Sorbie 1944 -

'Awarded the M.B.E. for her work in the Government'

Trevor Sorbie 1949 -

'International Hair Dresser'

James (Jim) Sorbie 1962 -

'Distinguished Soldier'


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